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Ikenga Coaching

and Development


About Me

My name is Fiona and I offer you a warm welcome  to my website. I provide coaching and personal development to help you to discover more about yourself so that you can develop your confidence and self esteem, make better decisions and improve your happiness and wellbeing.


I offer a safe and confidential place for you to have time to think, with help but no judgement.


Coaching sessions can be face-to-face , via Zoom or over the phone. Whatever suits you best.

I work with teams and organisations to support and facilitate their development and wellbeing. This includes designing and delivering bespoke team and  leadership development workshops.

I provide coaching supervision, which is essential for accreditation, to other coaches either individually or in small groups.


Just press the contact button to arrange a  free introductory session and find out if Ikenga Coaching feels and sounds like what you are looking for.


About Ikenga Coaching and Development

What is Ikenga Coaching?

The word 'Ikenga' stands for  personal achievement, success and positivity. Ikenga Coaching  is all about understanding ourselves and developing a  positive mindset  to help us to achieve our personal goals and to experience success in our daily lives. Ikenga represents learning from the past and looking ahead to our future and new beginnings. Like a tree, we grow from our well nourished roots and develop branches that reach out to explore our world. We produce leaves and blossom and sometimes  shed these to make way for new growth and experiences. This all represents  the essence of personal growth, resilience  and wellbeing.

What is my approach?

I offer you personal and bespoke coaching, mentoring and development. This is planned and designed with you, to enable you to achieve your goals or simply to feel better about yourself and what you do. This may be linked to your job and career,  developing leadership skills, or for personal wellbeing, confidence and building better relationships.  You may be coping with changing circumstances, making tricky decisions or  dealing with the impact of a loss of confidence and self-belief.

Time and  space to think

In my experience we all go through stages in our life journey and some are more challenging than others. Sometimes we just need time and a safe place to think, reflect, explore and share our thoughts. Ikenga Coaching offers this space to think, explore and listen in safety, with curiosity but no judgement, and  total confidentiality is guaranteed. This may help you in  making a  tricky decision or to gain the confidence to do something you've been putting off.

Understanding yourself and others

I believe strongly in the importance of understanding ourselves and having a clear sense of what really matters to us. This is driven by our experience, beliefs and values. In Japanese culture this is known as 'ikigai' and is what helps to motivate us. When we feel a lack of energy and a lowering of mood it can often be due to a loss of our personal identity. Ikenga Coaching offers an opportunity for you to re-connect with your values and discover your 'ikigai' and  use this to increase your happiness, wellbeing and zest for life. Through understanding yourself you will develop much more insight about why other people think and behave as they do.

Teams and Organisations

My approach is similar when I work with small teams or larger businesses. The culture  at work is influenced by leaders and the company values and behaviours. Identifying values and behaviours and truly embedding them in all that we do ensures our teams and organisations are the best they can be and great places to work! 

Coaching Supervision

My coaching supervision sessions are tailored to each client. This is an opportunity to review your coaching practice and your development as a coach. My approach is appreciative and curious, guided by what you need from our time together. I facilitate small group supervision workshops  where there is a rich exchange of knowledge, information and tools. This is achieved in an environment of  mutual respect, regard  and support for each other and can lead to lasting peer support groups.

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