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Coaching Services


Personal Coaching

Feel more energised, resilient and confident; be ready to take on the world!

Coaching is all about you. We start with a conversation about what you want to achieve from our time together.


Sometimes it's about creating time and space to think, be listened to and gently guided through your thoughts to identify  solutions or just clarify your thinking.


There may be 'tools' I can share to help you see, hear, think and feel in a more positive and constructive way.


First we need a chat to get to know each other and make a plan.

Leadership Coaching

Become the leader you would choose to follow.

You may have  just been promoted into a leadership role,  planning your next career step or feeling rather daunted by the demands of  current role.


I will provide a safe and confidential place to share your thoughts, feelings, issues and I will help you to identify your strengths as a leader.


We will explore my 'leadership toolbox' to give you greater personal insight and understanding of yourself and others.


Group Coaching and Wellbeing Sessions

Explore and share together with  a small group  with like minded people. Develop your emotional and social wellbeing to gain more from all you do.

All group sessions start with a 'taster' or stand alone introduction.


There is then the opportunity to sign up for a series of sessions to explore more thoroughly and receive personal feedback on self assessments.


  • Understanding  and building resilience.

  • Developing and managing relationships.

  • Improving your self-confidence and self-worth.

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