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"After a uniquely challenging year, I was interested to see if coaching would be of benefit.....following sessions with Fiona I felt more in control, happier and more resilient. I would recommend Fiona's coaching to my colleagues and especially for those in leadership roles."

Consultant  Ophthalmologist and Associate Divisional Director

"Coaching has exceeded my expectations. Our discussion helped me to clarify my thoughts on how I want my career to progress. I now feel able to decide what to do next that is right for me."

Social Care Worker

"Coaching exceeded my expectations. I felt able to discuss my concerns- not generally good at discussing my thoughts; I felt safe."

Consultant Haematologist 

“I feel confident that I  know now what I'm going to do and the decision feels right.”


"We've unlocked a door and I can see so much more now!"

Clear Waters

"The session really clarified my thinking. I needed someone to challenge my thinking as I was going around in circles and not able to move on. Now I know and feel happy about what I need to do."

University Lecturer

"A relaxed, open, discussion - it was really enjoyable. I feel so much more optimistic now and can reframe how I think in a positive way. A lightbulb moment!"


Trees and Mountains

"Coaching has given me an insight into my strengths as a leader."

Image by Girl with red hat

"Coaching conversations are so helpful."

"With Fiona’s help I was able to unpack the underlying reasons behind low confidence and struggle at work. I found the sessions more helpful than I could’ve imagined and am very grateful."

Junior Doctor

"From a career and personal development point of view this is in my top 3 experiences ever. I had quite high hopes/ expectations, but this surpassed them. Before I started coaching, I was outwardly calm but actually had significant inner turmoil.


Coaching with Fiona allowed me to gain an overview of my job/career/life that I had not previously managed to do. It is enjoyable and makes me feel relaxed and enthusiastic about new challenges rather than dreading more work."

Consultant Anaesthetist 

“Coaching helped me to recognise my limitations and fears that have been holding me back. It has given me time and space to think things through and identify how I want to proceed.”


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